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Who are we and what are we doing?

We are New Web Studio

We are web designers and programmers with a soft spot for coding and PHP. We have more then 11 years of experience in the field. We create both simple and complex tailor-made websites, which serve their purpose without compromises, are more than suitable for displaying on mobile devices and are swift and modern.

Websites these days are owned by a variety of people and companies, but many of those are ineffective and don’t yield results. We bring modern and efficient web presentations and other internet applications such as Intranet, CRM etc.

No thoughtless code typing, we do our job precisely. Most importantly, we can view a problem from a perspective of the end user, warn about potential risks, consider each and every possibility and propose the best solution based on unstructured or unclear instructions.

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What do we offer you?

We can all agree on one thing, and that is that the first impression is crucial. And the same way you don’t reach for your clients hand with your greasy one in a dirty shirt, your websites should not be old fashioned, outdated and unpleasant to look at. Our services are targeted for those who desire a solid web presentation, including responsive design, and want to know how to administer it. We will help you create an attractive and flawless marketing tool designed exactly to the needs of your company or business.


We think that these days a high quality we presentation is the first step to your successful promotion on the internet.

Intranet and CRM

Intranet and CRM applications can help you simplify your agenda or speed up the internal processes in your company.

Corporate identity

We are ready to deliver fliers, booklets, catalogues, billboards and other important press.

Additional services

Don’t have any specifications or graphics ready for your project? Just explain what do you have planned and leave the rest to us.

How is it going?

1. Planning

Firstly, we learn about your business and based on your requirements, we build a complete plan for the whole project.

2. Concept

Before creating the website itself, we will design a simple draft of the information architecture and a graphic proposition which we will present to you.

3. Production

We begin to design and develop a product which we planned together. You will be kept informed about its status regularly.

4. Starting

And it’s done. The finalized product can be launched, tested and tuned. Then we set efficiency monitoring, reports, optimizations and updates.


Just one step

Are you interested in our offer?

Alright, let’s get to work then, shall we? It begins here. Call us or write a message and we’ll discuss solutions to your projects and problems.

Do the first step and reach out to us!

A number of clients have already utilised our services. We are pleased by your high interest in our services and hope that we can become impeccable partners with you.

Who to contact?

Martin Bušek

Programmer, Invoicing

Jana Šedivá


All invoices are always issued from the Czech Republic.

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